Fly Fishing

Fly fishing at Noontootla Creek Farms is a small stream fly fishing experience unique to the North Georgia Mountains.

Noontootla Creek normally runs gin clear and takes anywhere from 1/2 day to 1 1/2 days to clear after a rain event. This can be a fly fishing trip life saver if other waters in the state are “blown-out”!

There are two miles of wadeable water consisting of four separate sections, about a half mile each, which have both trophy and stream-bred Browns and Rainbows.

We’re talking classic North Georgia trout water on beautiful Noontootla Creek. It doesn’t get much better than this. NCF water is easily wadeable by anyone. The upper section is a little “tighter” requiring careful casting. The middle two and lowest sections are more open from a casting perspective. Hatches are limited in the Fall & Winter but Spring brings out the stonefly, caddis, mayfly and midge hatches. Summer brings out the terrestrials.

You won’t get bored on this water as it can, at times, be challenging. But the rewards are big as well.

Fly Fishing

  • Half Day – 1 person $230, 2 person $350
  • Full Day – 1 person $340, 2 person $520

We are available for Fly Fishing year round on Noontootla Creek.

Fishing/Trout Licenses—are required to fish in Georgia.  If you do not already possess a license, you may obtain one by going online to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division at and select licenses/permits/passes link.



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Guided fly fishing trips are offered by Noontootla Creek Farms with some of the most experienced guides on the water. Contact us @ 706-838-0585 ( or 770-639-4001 ( to book your trip of a lifetime!

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