Bird Hunting at Noontootla Creek Farms

Bird Hunting

Noontootla Creek Farms is a special place to go bird hunting for quail and pheasant. You will feel the thrill of this Southern Appalachian Mountain gem the first time you put your eyes on the landscape. This old – family farm has a warm appeal. The atmosphere is one that perfectly suits the hunter with a love of the outdoors. Crisp morning air and a bountiful landscape stir the soul. In autumn, the cool mornings fire the colors of the fall leaves, and Fall leaves mean bird hunting for quail and pheasant in the North Georgia Mountains.

Upland Wingshooting season at Noontootla Creek Farms (NCF) is from November 1 through February 28.

Bird hunting with stylish dogs has long been the sport of avid outdoors men and women. And it’s easy to understand why. A pointing dog and the thrill of a covey flush delivers the kind of excitement that is rivaled by very few experiences in the outdoors. The thrill of the moment becomes a fixture of warmth within the memory. In just seconds, you create an experience that lasts a lifetime. And it can happen for you when you make the trip to Noontootla Creek Farms.

Our guests travel here to entertain important clients, relax with family and friends, or just escape everyday life’s fast pace. NCF is a special place for a special clientele, one that appreciates the charm and distinction of quail and pheasant hunting in a mountain setting.

At Noontootla Creek Farms, we want return visits to be commonplace. Therefore, we maintain the highest standards of game management and customer satisfaction. We want to ensure you have a memorable hunting experience with each visit.

Important Information

Bird Hunts must be booked with a reservation and deposit on trip.

Georgia’s Current law requires all hunters to be in possession of a shooting preserve license.

A 2 year license costs $12 and can be purchased at Noontootla Creek Farms upon arrival OR more info available at Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Anyone holding a Georgia Hunting license is exempt from this additional expense.

Before arriving please review Hunting Rules under Rates and Regulations page.

Bird Hunting

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Bird Hunting at Noontootla Creek Farms