Quail & Pheasant Hunting

Is quail hunting available for an individual, or only in a group?

We require a minimum of two hunters to conduct a quail hunt.

Do I need a hunting license to quail hunt?

Current law requires all hunters to be in possession of a shooting preserve license.  A 2 year license costs $12 and can be purchased at Noontootla Creek Farms upon arrival OR more info available at www.georgiawildlife.com.  Anyone holding a sportsman license is exempt from this additional expense.

Does NCF provide equipment to hunt quail?

No, Noontootla Creek Farms only provides guides and dogs, if requested.

Are guides (and dogs) available to hunt quail at NCF?

Yes, quail hunting guides and dogs are available upon request.

How long an activity is a quail hunt?

Half-day and full-day hunts are available.

Is any food (such as lunch) provided if I sign up for a quail hunt?

Lunch is provided for both full day hunts, and our “Cast & Blasts”.

Do I need to provide my own shotgun & shells? If so, what is recommended?

Yes, you must provide your own shotgun & shells. Shotguns from .410 bore to 12 gauge. Shells… 7 1/2 to 8 shot only. Shotgun shells (12 and 20 Gauge are available for sale at the Sporting Clays Pro Shop)

Can I bring my own dogs?

Yes, you may bring your own quail hunting dogs.

Is there an age limit if I’d like to bring my son/daughter to hunt quail?

Only those 12 years of age or older plus a hunter safety certificate are allowed on quail hunts.

Does NCF provide cleaning of the birds?

Yes, for an additional charge of $ 1.00 per Quail and $2.00 for Pheasant.

Does NCF have Pheasant to hunt?

Yes, when available. Please call check availability and to plan your hunt.

Fly Fishing

Do I need a fishing license to fish at Noontootla Creek Farms?

Yes, a Georgia fishing license and trout license are required. They may be obtained at www.georgiawildlife.com

Can I fly fish for only ½ day at NCF?

Yes, half day rates are available.

Can we get instruction and then fish at Noontootla Creek Farms?

Yes. Please indicate your level of experience and request need for instruction when booking your trip. We offer fly fishing schools throughout the year. Give David a call @ 770-639-4001 and check our website for updates and fly fishing school dates.

Will Quail hunting take place at the same time while we’re fishing?

Possibly, but quail hunts are carefully scheduled with safety of all our guests in mind. One of our sections of water is well away from the quail hunting area.

Can I use my small stream 3-weight fly rod at NCF?

Due to the size of some of the resident fish at NCF, both for the protection of the resource and enjoyment of the angler, we recommend nothing smaller than a 5-weight fly rod.

What fly patterns do you suggest?

This depends upon the particular season. Of course, a great deal of insect emergence always takes place in the Spring & early Summer months. Your guide will be prepared with appropriate flies for the conditions.

Can my entire family learn to fly fish at NCF?

Yes, instruction is available. Yes, give David Hulsey a call 770-639-4001 to set up your family’s fly fishing adventure.

Does Noontootla Creek Farms provide fly fishing equipment?

We can outfit you with Boots, Waders, Rods, Reels, Guide and Flies.

Can you host a company outing/corporate group at NCF?

Yes, we work well with small corporate or family groups.

Does NCF have any accommodations for rent?

Yes, we have a four-bedroom farmhouse that is available for rental on a nightly basis. Complete details can be found on the Accommodations page.

How far is the Noontootla Creek Farms farmhouse from…

  • Hiawassee, GA 39 miles
  • Blairsville, GA 24 miles
  • Ellijay, GA 20 miles
  • Blue Ridge, GA 20 miles
  • Dahlonega, GA 40 miles
  • Helen, GA 70 miles
  • Gainesville, GA 50 miles
  • Atlanta, GA 75 miles
  • Rome, GA 80 miles
  • Chattanooga, TN 60 miles
  • Murphy, NC 50 miles