Badger Broadheads

Sid Roberts of Ellijay, GA with one of two pigs taken with 53# longbow, he used a Badger 125 grain broadheads for a complete pass thru! Pig went down less than 5 yds.

Greg, I am sold on its true accurate flighty used the left wing Badger with left 5″ fletching. Sid

The Badger broad heads are amazing. I shot the badger, muzzy, thunderhead, and schwacker through a 1/2 inch sheet of plywood. The badger arrow almost passed completely through. The fletchings were wedged in the wood which is what stopped a complete pass through. The thundethead arrow penetration was 1 inch shorter than the badger. It went up to the start of the fletchings. The schwacker and muzzy arrow penetration were about a foot shorter than the badger.

It is looking like the badger is going to be my broad head of choice and the last type of broadhead I will buy from now on.

Any way the more I shoot the badger the more I am becoming a strong advocate for the badger.  Don Schultz

I’ve gotta hand it to the guys behind Badger Broadheads they make a solid head! This pig came in at 20 yards quartering to me and I let the Badger eat. Clean pass through, right behind the front shoulder. He ran for about 5 seconds and then I heard him pile up. Had good blood and found him 50yrds from my stand. Broadhead looked the same when I found my arrow as it did when it left my bow. Can’t say enough about them they flat get it done!  Blake Hamby, Georgia