Addicted to the Hunt

by | Apr 22, 2021

Pheasant and quail season has came to a close, and I am kinda in a state of depression about it. Now it’s time for trout, turkeys, crappie, bass, and stripers! I was fortunate enough to be able to harvest upland birds in 6 states this season, and the hunts at Noontootla Creek Farms were top shelf…. I love all my pursuits in the outdoors, but spending time with my setters and other folks that are passionate about the upland ranks at the top.

Hearing that rooster pheasant cackle as he flushes, that covey rise of quail, and the thunderous explosion of the ruffed Grouse flush are my addictions…

Written By Jerry Barnes, NCF Quail & Pheasant Hunting Guide

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Why You Should Go Outside and Embrace Nature’s Bounty

Why You Should Go Outside and Embrace Nature’s Bounty

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